Course Offerings in the Department of Religion

Courses in the Department of Religion are taught in an academic manner to contribute to a student’s understanding of the beliefs and actions of diverse peoples and cultures. They also contribute to the student’s self-understanding through uncovering and exploring major tenets of his or her own culture.

The Department offers a variety of courses in many areas of Religion, as well as courses in the Arabic Language, and Hebrew Languages and Texts. The UGA online bulletin provides specific course information.

The current syllabi for Religion, Arabic and Hebrew courses are online at Religion Department Syllabi.

Current Course Offerings:  Schedule of Classes

Course Overrides and Class Changes

There are three types of overrides into classes.

  • A Capacity Override into a class (class has no seats available and you want to add the class)
  • A Permission of Department (POD) Override
  • A Prerequisite Override

If you would like to request one of the overrides listed you should contact the Instructor of the class to make a request.  Instructor approval is required for any overrides.

Late Adds and Section Change Forms can be obtained from the Registrar's office