Welcome  Miriam

Alumni of the Religion Department at the University of Georgia have made measurable impacts on the quality of life in the state, region, and nation.   Undergraduate and graduate alumni have pursued careers and further educational opportunities in an impressive range of fields.   We are very proud of our alumni and encourage them to continue to contribute to the promotion of education in Religion at the University of Georgia.

We also encourage our alumni to keep in contact through social media and let the Department know what you have been doing since graduation.   You can contact us at religion@uga.edu.

Attend events

We welcome our alumni to all public events sponsored by the Religion department.     We will post events on this website and encourage everyone to attend.

Financial contributions 

Contributions to the Department's Foundation accounts aid in the Department's mission to bring all aspects of religious studies to the students here at UGA.   You can Make A Gift to any one of the four different funds to help with bringing speakers, scholarships for students, and other events the Department sponsors.