Welcome to the Department of Religion

Starting Monday, March 30, our offices are physically closed; however, office staff are working remotely Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.
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     Thank you for visiting our webpage for the Department of Religion at the University of Georgia.  Whether you are a student interested in majoring in Religion, seeking a graduate degree, desiring to fill a social studies or humanities requirement, alumni in search of an update on the department, considering or engaged in a religious vocation or one that might be related to religion, or someone simply curious about the department and the academic study of religion, we welcome you.  Increasingly, students, scholars, and people in general are gaining deeper appreciation of the need to study religion.  We comprehend more clearly how closely religion is related to or associated with practically every human endeavor, institution, and society in the world.  How can we better understand and hope to interact more meaningfully with people near to us and in distant lands than by having knowledge of their values and customs, including their religious ideas and practices?

     The University of Georgia’s Department of Religion is a fine place for pursuing studies in Religion for a number of reasons.  First, we have superb faculty and students from varied backgrounds with impressive credentials and academic records, as well as diverse specialties, interests, and professional experiences.  Second, our departmental courses cover a wide range of religions and approaches to the study of religion.  Third, while our approach to the study of religion is objective and academic, we fully appreciate the importance of people’s personal and community religious commitments and the fact that some people do not have religious commitments.  Fourth, we work diligently to maintain an environment in which we combine rigorous and serious study with genuine concern and mutual support for each other – students, faculty, and staff.

     Again, welcome to our webpage.  And, feel free to touch bases with us first hand should you wish to know more about the study of Religion.


Sandy Dwayne Martin

Professor / Department Head