Transfer Credit Evaluation for Courses you have taken at other Colleges or Universities:

First you should check with the Admissions Office to see if the course has already been evaluated for Transfer equivalency at UGA.       

If you do not find the course or the course has transferred in as a generic RELI course, then we will need to evaluate the course in order for it to fulfill core requirements.  Please fill out the Course Credit Recommendation Form, attach a syllabi from the school where the class was taken, then bring the documents to the Religion Department Office in Peabody Hall Room 3 for evaluation. 


Transfer Credit Evaluation for Courses you plan to take from other Colleges or Universities during a semester abroad or at another institution:

You should contact the Admissions Department for a form which you will bring to the Religion Department to be evaluated.   Please include any syllabi or official course descriptions from the School or College you will be taking the course at.