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Room 208 Peabody Hall

Dr. Robert Foster is Lecturer in Religion and New Testament at the University of Georgia, where he has taught since 2013.  Prior to coming to UGA, Foster taught at Abilene Christian University, Southern Methodist University, and Texas Christian University.  His publications cover material in both the Old and New Testaments of the Christian Bible, including his book, Wrestling with God and World: The Struggle for Justice in the Biblical Tradition; several edited volumes; and numerous articles in leading journals including Biblical Theology Bulletin, Catholic Biblical Quarterly, Horizons in Biblical Theology, Journal of Biblical Literature, New Testament Studies, and Novum Testamentum.  He is currently finishing The Theology of the Books of Haggai and Zechariah for the Old Testament Theology series (Cambridge University Press).

Dr. Foster teaches introductory courses in religion and New Testament as well as upper-level New Testament courses including Jesus, Life and Letters of Paul, Apocalyptic Literature, and the New Testament World.  His research interests include biblical theology, biblical interpretation, comparative religious ethics, and Christianity and racial justice.  He is a fellow in the UGA Center for Social Justice, Human and Civil Rights and was the recipient of the UGA Black Male Leadership Society Faculty Member of the Year award for 2015-2016. He is active within the Athens community and North Georgia in partnerships focused on racial justice and the rights of undocumented immigrants. 


PhD, Southern Methodist University