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Peabody Hall, Room 213

Nathan Fleeson is a PhD student in the Religion Department, with a major concentration in Religion and Literature and a minor concentration in History of Christianity. He has a wide range of interest within these fields including High Fantasy Literature, Gothic Fiction, Patristic Theology, and Hagiography/Martyrology. While working on his MTS at Emory University, Nathan focused on History of Christianity, studying Patristic and Medieval Theology and writing his thesis on Angelomorphic Pneumatology. Now at UGA, he is focusing on going deeper into fantasy literature and hagiography and exploring their overlap as it relates to the construction of virtue and power-relations.

He is currently serving as a teaching assistant in the Writing Intensive Program, which focuses on developing student writing within field specific courses. This encourages students to learn about writing specifically within a field and helping them learn the content better through low-stakes writing exercises.

Other Affiliations:

MTS, Emory University (2018)

BA (Religion), University of Georgia (2016)

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