Memorial Hall, Room 0670 (Adinkra Hall)
Tyler Kelley, Religion, PhD Student (UGA)
Peabody Hall, Room 219
UGA Students, from Diverse Religious Groups (on Campus)
Peabody Hall, Room 115
Dr. Molly Bassett, Associate Professor and Department Chair in Religious Studies (Georgia State University )
Peabody Hall, Room 115
Alyssa Rockenbach , Higher Education (North Carolina State University )
Park Hall, Room 265
Hisham Qureshi, Religion, PhD Student (UGA)
2022 S. Milledge Ave., Athens, GA
Dr. Keon McGuire, Assistant Professor, (Arizona State University)
Peabody Hall, Room 115
Ahmad Zubaidi Amrullah, FLTA 2018-19, (Religion)
MLC - Room 348
Professor James C. Conroy, (University of Glasgow)
Peabody Hall, Room 205S