Professor Avraham Faust
Bar Ilan University

Save the Date 18 March 2020

Dear All,

Jewish Studies is happy to announce that we will be enjoying a visit from Professor Avraham Faust, of Bar Ilan University, one of the most innovative

archaeological luminaries in the field of Israel and the Levant.  While his interests are broad, Professor Faust's most impressive insights focus on daily life, material reflexes of quotidian religious practice, and local social organization.  His work connects realia with a sociological imagination that is rarely matched among those working in early periods, whether in text or in material culture.   

The lecture will be scheduled for 18 March at 4:00.  That is the week after spring break.  

The subject of the lecture is still under negotiation, but will have something to do either with David's Israel in its Canaanite context or with the period of Reformation in Judah, the 7th century BCE.