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 Kenneth Lee Honerkamp

KENNETH LEE HONERKAMP, a graduate of the Quarawiyyine University of Morocco and the University of Aix-en-Provence, France has worked extensively in the manuscript libraries of Morocco. His research interests lie in the fields of teacher/disciple relationships in formative Sufism, Islamic law, Quranic sciences and the study and translation of letters of spiritual guidance written by Moroccan Sufis. He has edited and translated several previously unpublished works of Abu Abd al-Rahman al-Sulami (d. 412/1021). His critical edition of the Rasa’il al-kubra of Ibn Abbad of Ronda (d. 792/1390) is being published by Dar al-Machreq, in Lebanon. He presently holds the position of associate professor in the Department of Religion at the University of Georgia at Athens.

Dr. Honerkamp’s experience in institutions of higher education in the US and France have afforded him hands on experience in dealing with the difficulties and frustration that so often plague the learner of Arabic as a foreign language. His years of residency in the Muslim world have afforded him an understanding of Islamic faith and practice within the context of day to day life that he is able to communicate to his students. In his courses students come to appreciate the multi-faceted Islamic culture in as a living tradition. Now he has brought his years hosting and lecturing to international programs abroad in Morocco to the Department of Religon’s Maymester in Morocco Program. This accredited program takes 18 students from UGA to a month long journey of discovery from the royal cities of Marrakesh, Fes and Rabat to the High Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert.

Contact Dr. Honerkamp at hnrkmp@uga.edu or at his website http://hnrkmp.myweb.uga.edu

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