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Graduate Program
Information for current graduate students.

The Department of Religion welcomes its graduate students into the society of academic inquiry. Students are expected to act as citizens of this society. In keeping with this notion, the Department of Religion strongly encourages and expects its students to attend all departmental colloquia and sponsored programs. This expectation rises to the level of a requirement for any student receiving a departmental assistantship.

Contact Information for the Department:

Dr. Sandy D. Martin, Department Head
Room 3 Peabody Hall, 542-1485

Dr. Carolyn Medine, Graduate Coordinator
Room 3 Peabody Hall, 583-0308



Graduate Checklist

The following checklist will help you in the successful completion of your degree. If more complete information please refer to the Graduate Handbook [requires Adobe Reader].

The Adobe reader is free and can be downloaded by clicking the icon below.


1. Contact the Graduate Coordinator and choose a major professor.

2. Choose an Advisory Committee (consult your major professor). Fill out the form and submit to the Graduate School. (This is usually done by the end of your first semester in residence.)

3. Program of Study. The Program of Study form must be prepared by the student and the major professor and sent to the Graduate School after being approved by the departmental graduate coordinator. This step is usually completed by the end of the student's second semester. The Program of Study must include:

30 semester hours of course work (not counting courses toward the foreign language requirement). At least 12 hours of the student's program must be in 8000 level courses where no undergraduates are present. The other 18 hours may be taken in courses numbered 6000 or above (with no more than six hours of credit coming from thesis research, 7000) and 3 hours in RELI 7300, Master’s Thesis (usually taken your last semester). The 30 hours of course work are to be distributed in the following fashion:

      1. Major -- 18 hours
      2. Minor -- 6 hours (selected in consultation with the major professor)
      3. RELI 7000 – 3 hours
      4. RELI 7300 – 3 hours

The foreign language, RELI 7770 and RELI 7771 are listed as Departmental Requirements.

NOTE: An overall grade point average of 3.0 must be maintained on all courses in the Program of Study. No grade below a "C" may be included in a Program of Study.

4. Change in the Program of Study. Any changes to the program of study must be approved by the major professor, the departmental graduate coordinator, and the Dean of the Graduate School. The Recommended Change in Program of Study form should be submitted as soon as the student and major professor see the need for it.

5. Transfer of Credit. Transfer of graduate credit earned at an accredited institution may be allowed (up to 6 semester hours) if approved by the major professor, the departmental graduate coordinator, and the Dean of the Graduate School. The Request for Transfer of Credit and an official transcript must be submitted at least thirty days prior to the date the student plans to graduate. (The language requirement cannot be transferred from another institution.)

6. Language Requirement. The Department of Religion requires MA students to have reading knowledge of a foreign language. This should be completed as soon as possible. The requirement may be satisfied by departmental examination or successful completion of a third semester course (or the equivalent) with a grade of B or higher.

7. A qualifying examination in your major area, to be worked out with major professor. Exams will ordinarily be read by at least two professors.

8. Submit Thesis Prospectus with the help of the major professor to your Advisory Committee.

9. Application for Graduation form. The application must be filed with the Graduate Office before the end of the first full week of classes two semesters in advance of the semester the student plans to graduate.

10. Submit thesis to advisory committee. The student guide for preparing and processing the thesis may be obtained in the Graduate School website. Questions concerning the thesis should be directed to Room 552 of the Graduate School.

11. After thesis is in final format your major professor should set up your final oral examination with the advisory committee.

12. After the final oral examination is administered, the Approval Form for Master's Thesis and Final Oral Examination and an electronic submission of the corrected thesis no later than two weeks prior to graduation. This official copy of the thesis will be electronically submitted by the Graduate School to the main library for archiving. Remember to have one copy of your thesis bound for the Department of Religion office.

13. Incompletes must be removed at least one week prior to graduation.

14. Change of Address. A student must notify the Registrar's Office and the Graduate School of any address change by writing or filing a Change of Address form.

15. Students unable to complete degree requirements by the date indicated on the application for graduation must notify the Graduate School at once to indicate the new date. Otherwise, the file will be placed on inactive status until a re-application for graduation is submitted.

16. A student must be registered for a minimum of 3 hours (normally 7300) the semester in which the student graduates.

Diplomas are mailed approximately ten to twelve weeks after graduation.



Forms should be filled out by the student and submitted to their major professor for processing.

Graduate Student Graduation Questionnaire

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